Wednesday, December 22, 2010

April 23rd, 2010

We took the bus to Keukenhof and saw the tulip expo.  Its an enormous garden where tulip growers show off their flowers.  I had been there twice before, once as a missionary and again with Matthew Lanoy during our trip to Holland.  There was a windmill, a hedge maze, and thousands and thousands of tulips.  Mom and dad enjoyed looking over the various options for what flowers they'd someday want to plant, but I think the highlight of the visit for mom was the petting zoo.  There was a pony in there that she just had to go in and pet.

After Keukenhof, we became Harlem globetrotters by touring the city of Haarlem.  We stopped off at a nice department store and then spent some time wandering the riverside.  We saw a really cool windmill but by the time we arrived it had closed for the day.  Dinner was Indian food, something mom had been craving.  I got the spicy south Indian style dish and heartily enjoyed it.  I learned some Dutch words from our waitress, and then we returned to Amsterdam on the train, exhausted from an entire day of walking.

Tomorrow: Paris!


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