Friday, December 24, 2010

April 27th, 2010

We drove to the coast of Normandy to see where D-Day happened.  First we went to the World War II museum in Cane France and spent a lot of time watching movies and looking at displays regarding the Allied invasion and liberation of Normandy.  We went through Bayeux, though I didn't have time to see the famed tapestry there.

We didn't have much time before the American National cemetary at Omaha beach closed, so we drove straight there.  It was a grim reminder of how much blood we left in Europe during World War II, seeing countless rows of white crosses across the beach.  After paying our respects at the graves, we walked down the beach and and stood in the sand that once was an Axis butcher field.

When we were finished, we returned to Paris, parking the rental car in the basement of the hotel and then for dinner we went back to the Italian restaurant that we first ate at near the hotel.  We wanted to have some of that delicious ice cream once more before my parents flew home.   The hotel staff even left chocolates on our pillows that night!

The next day we drove the rental to the airport, returned it, and then I saw my parents to the gate for their return flight.  It was another three days in Paris for me, and then a week in Athens before I'd rejoin them. 

All in all it was a great trip and definitely a fun way for me to wrap up my 9 months abroad working in France.    I loved showing my parents around the continent that I fell in love with when I was 19, and getting the rare occassion to put my European Studies and French degrees to good use.


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